Best Practices: Minimum Requirements and Settings

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Recommended settings:

1. Internet

2. Audio

3. Browser

4. Routine Computer Maintenance


Internet Connection

Having a stable internet connection is key to avoiding disruptions during calls. For the best experience, we suggest directly connecting your device to the internet with a cable. Wi-Fi is convenient but can be unreliable; if you’re using it, try to stay close to your router or boost the signal with a Wi-Fi extender.

Check your internet speed regularly:

  • The bare minimum for basic tasks is 50 Mbps download speed.
  • For a smoother experience, aim for over 100 Mbps download and at least 20 Mbps upload.
  • Keep in mind, stable audio connection requires at least 10 Mbps upload speed.

Be aware that a weak Wi-Fi connection might lead to delays, sound issues, or dropped calls. Low speed can decrease Salesfinity's performance, causing long delays when connecting to people, audio glitches, or even make the software hard to use.


Keep in mind: VPNs, firewalls, and certain security applications may affect Salesfinity’s performance. Please take this into account if you face any unexpected issues.


IP addresses to whitelist:

1. Add to your firewall rules.

2. Enable UDP from these IP addresses over ports 10000-60000.


Select the Right Audio Equipment for Clear Conversations

For impeccable audio, opt for a wired headset. Bluetooth options may seem convenient but can suffer from signal drops or battery issues.

Please ensure that your headset is the default option for both input and output in your system settings. Consistency here prevents audio problems.

Remember that Bluetooth headsets often connect to multiple devices, potentially causing conflicts. Delays or other inconsistencies can also occur during conversations.

Maintain Your Browser for Seamless Software Integration

Chrome is a browser of choice for using Salesfinity:

  • A fresh start each day keeps your system running smoothly. Close your browser at the end of the day to update it and avoid system slow-downs.
  • Bookmark frequently used sites but close tabs you’re not actively using.
  • Regularly review and manage your extensions at chrome://extensions/. Remove any that aren't in use.

It’s also good practice to clear your browser cache weekly to ensure security and performance.

Software Use Tips:

Be mindful of other software like MS Teams, Slack or Zoom, which may slow down your system especially if you’re using an old computer. Close any unnecessary applications for an uninterrupted connection with prospects.

Routine Computer Maintenance for Dependability

Restart and update your computer regularly to keep it running at its best. Shutting down daily is ideal, but at least do it weekly, along with updating your software, to maintain peak performance and security.